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UKirk @ Purdue - Presbyterian Church (USA) (UKirk)

The purpose of UKirk @ Purdue - Presbyterian Church (USA) is to encourage connections among Purdue students and with churches in an environment that fosters exploration of faith.

Ukrainian Student Society (USS)

To represent the nation of Ukraine, the country, and its culture to the community of Purdue University. To meet the relevant cultural needs of Ukrainian students and scholars.

Ultimate Frisbee Club (Men's) (Ultimate (Men's))

We are the Men's Ultimate Frisbee Club. We practice during the week, travel to tournaments on various weekends, and compete in the USA Ultimate College Series in the Spring. We are always looking for new members, no prior experience is needed.

Ultimate Frisbee Club (Women's) (Ultimate (Women's))

We are the Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club at Purdue. We practice together during the week and attend weekend long tournaments a few times each semester. We are always welcome to new members, and no previous experience is necessary!

Undergraduate Chinese Association (UCA)

Purdue Undergraduate Chinese Association (PUCA) was initiated and organized by undergraduate Chinese students at Purdue University. PUCA is a nonpolitical and nonprofit student organization.

UNICEF Campus Initiative (UNICEF)

Purdue UNICEF Initiative takes action help children around the world. This group participates in initiatives that address the survival of children through education, advocacy and fundraising.

University Religious Leaders (URL)

Membership in the University Religious Leaders (URL) is open to religious leaders who represent religious groups which minister to the people of West Lafayette, IN campus of Purdue University, and whose student groups are recognized as student

University Residences

This is a group for University Residences.

UR Global Club (URG)

UR Global is an organization aimed towards International First Year students who live on campus. We create a community within University Residences and organize fun&free events with an intertwined Educational goal.