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Alpha Chi Rho (Crows)

The men of the Alpha Phi chapter of Alpha Chi Rho continue to uphold the rich traditions that we were founded upon at Purdue in 1936. We have pledged to live by four landmarks and the vow to “Be Men," through philanthropy, brotherhood, and service.

Alpha Chi Sigma

Alpha Chi Sigma is the co-ed professional chemistry fraternity.

Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi)

Alpha Epsilon Pi is an international Jewish fraternity as well as the only Jewish-based fraternity on Purdue University's campus. AEPi was founded to provide opportunities for the Jewish college man seeking the best possible college experience.

Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR)

The world needs a few good men. The kind of men who lead by the example of their character and the value of their actions. For more than 100 years, Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity has successfully endeavored to make such men taking the best and making them

Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi)

Alpha Kappa Psi is the premier developer of principled business leaders and is the oldest professional business fraternity both in the nation and at Purdue University

Alpha Sigma Phi (Alpha Sigs)

Make history. Be involved. Build friendships. Strategies for abundant living. Secrets to success - that's the Alpha Sigma Phi experience. We equip men with the skills needed to thrive.

Alpha Tau Omega (ATΩ)

Alpha Tau Omega is America's leadership development fraternity. The chapter focuses on all aspects of the fraternity experience from scholarship and community service to social and brotherhood events.

Beta Chi Theta, Iota Chapter (Beta Chi Theta)

Beta Chi Theta is a nationally recognized fraternity. Iota Chapter is recognized by Purdue University's Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Multicultural Greek Council (MGC). We are one of the largest multicultural fraternities on campus

Beta Sigma Psi (Beta Sigs)

Beta Sigma Psi is a National Lutheran Fraternity. Excelling Spiritually, Scholastically, and Socially, these three S's are what make us unique among fraternities. Check out to find out more about what our house has to offer.

Delta Chi

For 90 years the Delta Chi chapter has spread our bond throughout the Purdue Campus helping make young men into well rounded individuals in the areas of academics, athletics, and community service.

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