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“She’s the First” Purdue Campus Chapter (“STF” or “STFPurdue”)

The purpose of “She’s the First” Purdue Campus Chapter shall be to host fundraises in order to sponsor girls at She’s the First partner schools, spread awareness, and create dialogue in residence halls, student centers, local communities and social media

S.S. Voyager (Purdue Voyager)

We are an all-encompassing fiction club that meets once a week to discuss all things sci-fi/fantasy. The atmosphere is very informal and we welcome people just dropping in. If you're interested, come to a meeting and see what we're all about.

SAE General (Society of Automotive Engineers)

Purdue SAE consists of members from the SAE teams on campus - Baja SAE, Formula SAE, & Purdue Electric Racing.

Sahaja Meditation Association of Purdue (Sahaja Meditation)

Thoughts are the main source of stress and disturbance within us. Sahaja Meditation is a simple method designed to allow a person enter a state of mental silence and so help them improve their mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Salsa Dance Club

Do you want that fire? Come learn how to dance Salsa!   We are one of the largest and most active student groups at Purdue. We focus on Salsa dancing, but we dabble in Merengue, Cha Cha, and other Latin dances, and usually offer regular Bachata classes.

Salt and Light Christian Fellowship at Purdue (Salt and Light)

We are the church-directed, student-led college ministry of Kossuth Street Baptist Church. We are a group of college students desiring to grow deeper in our relationship with God, gather in fellowship with others, and connect with the local church.

SAO Campus Life (SAO)

This is the Campus Life BoilerLink page. Please visit for more information about the Student Activities and Organization area of the Office of the Dean of Students.


This organization has not yet updated their description.

Scholarship (PCC-Scholarship)

Scholarship Chairs of all Purdue Cooperative Houses

School of Languages and Cultures GRADUATE STUDENT COMMITTEE (SLC Graduate Student Committee)

This group aims to improve the quality of experience of the graduate students in the School of Languages and Cultures (SLC) by: 1. advocating for the graduate students of the school 2. serving as liaison between graduate student

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