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Apollonian Club

Apollonian Club is the residence hall club for Third Street Suites. We establish as our purpose to promote community, personal growth, and wellness while striving for excellence in our academic endeavors.

Cary Club

Cary Club is the official student organization of Cary Quadrangle Residence Hall.

Cavalier Club (Harrison Club)

The student-run hall government is an organization devoted to providing social activities and representing the voice of the residents of Harrison Hall. The purpose of the Cavalier Club is to provide, maintain, and improve the most stable living

Excalibur Club (Wiley Club)

Excalibur Club's purpose is to serve the residents of Wiley Hall and create an active and positive community to impact University Residences. We strive to provide a homey, inclusive atmosphere for all of the residents of Wiley Hall through events.

First Street Towers Titan Club (FSTC)

The First Street Towers Titan Club is the residence hall club of the First Street Towers residence hall within University Residences at Purdue University.

Halberdier Club (Tarkington) (Halberdier Club)

To create an environment encouraging academic achievement, a feeling of responsibility for Tarkington Hall and to provide opportunities; To ultimately to offer a challenge to achieve success as a truly representative body of men.

Hilltop Council

The Hilltop Council is Hilltop Apartment's governing body of student's dedicated to promoting social activities, community outreach, and improvement of the University. It serves to engender a deeper appreciation and respect for fellow members of the

Honors College Residential Society (The Society)

The Honors College Residential Society is the official student organization of the Honors College and Residences. As a resident, you are free to participate in all of our meetings and programs as well as propose programs to be funded by our organization.

Hussar Club (Owen Hall) (Hussar Club)

Owen Hall Hussar Club is run by residents of Owen Hall. Club members are in charge of hall funds and decide how to allocate the funds. Popular use of funds include: hall programs such as tailgate parties or arts and crafts activities, trips

Itasca Club (Earhart Club)

Itasca Club is Earhart Hall's Student Government. Every resident of Earhart Hall is a member, just by living here! Itasca provides events, activities, and programs throughout the year for its members.

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