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“She’s the First” Purdue Campus Chapter (“STF” or “STFPurdue”)

The purpose of “She’s the First” Purdue Campus Chapter shall be to host fundraises in order to sponsor girls at She’s the First partner schools, spread awareness, and create dialogue in residence halls, student centers, local communities and social media

A Cultural Connection promoting Leadership opportunities and Academic achievement for International and Multicultural students (ACCLAIM)

ACCLAIM is an organization that brings together students in the College of Health and Human Sciences particularly those of international and multicultural background to provide support for academic success, social networking and career resources.

American India Foundation (Purdue) (AIF)

AIF Purdue Chapter intends to help make India a place where everyone can receive opportunities in education and health care, as well as recreate lives and help bridge the gap between two of the largest cultures in the world.

Association of Multicultural Computer Scientists (AMCS)

The Association of Multicultural Computer Scientists is an organization created for underrepresented minority undergraduate and graduate students in the Purdue Computer Science department.

Boiler Bhangra

We are Purdue University’s competitive Bhangra (dance) team and we have been dedicated to sharing our passion of Bhangra both locally and nationally since the spring of 2006.

Boiler Tracks

In an efforts to promote Purdue to underrepresented students, The Office of Admissions and the Office of the Dean of Students partnered to create a new initiative named Boiler Tracks.

Boilers Supporting Boilers (BSB)

Creating a community where Boilermakers of all backgrounds feel supported, valued, and at home

BRASA Purdue

BRASA Purdue is an organization that seeks to expand Purdue's knowledge about the beautiful Brazilian culture. Our primary goal is to bring cultural awareness to campus by organizing activities involving typical Brazilian food, music, and dance.

Bridges International

Bridges International is a student organization that engages with international students through providing service activities, social networking, spiritual conversations, and student leadership development.

College of Liberal Arts International Student Council (CLAISC)

This organization aims to improve the quality of experience of the international students in the College of Liberal Arts.

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