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Army ROTC Corp of Cadets (Army ROTC Cadets)

The Mission of Army ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) is to train and prepare the future officers of the United States Army for commissioning and a career in the Army.

Arnold Air Society (Iven C. Kincheloe Jr. Squadron)

A Professional, Honorary, Service organization serving AFROTC Cadets of the 220th Cadet Wing, Purdue University, and the Greater Lafayette community.

Boiler Wing (Det. 220)

Boiler Wing,the Student Organization on behalf of Purdue University's Air Force ROTC Program, strives to deliver outstanding and consistent extra-curricular leadership development to the cadets of Detachment 220.

Evergreen (JGE)

We are a not for profit student organization at Purdue University known as the Evergreen Foundation. This organization is dedicated to memorializing Joel Gentz and his ultimate sacrifice. We pride ourselves in remembering the fallen.

Purdue ROTC Commissioning Ring Committee

The Purdue ROTC Commissioning Ring Committee is dedicated to providing Purdue ROTC Cadets and Midshipmen the opportunity to purchase their commissioning ring as well as to holding a ring banquet to celebrate the occasion of receiving their ring. They pre

Purdue Student Veteran Organization (PSVO)

The Purdue University Student Veteran Organization (Purdue SVO) serves as a source of knowledge, support, representation, and camaraderie to any and all students of prior military service of Purdue University, West-Lafayette Campus.

Purdue Tactical Simulation Organization (PTSO)

The purpose of PTSO is to promote military simulation and tactical game play through the use of tabletop, online, and other simulation means by providing a non-discriminatory environment for people with similar interests.

Semper Fidelis Society (Semper Fi Society)

Semper Fidelis Society, comprised of aspiring Marine Corps officers at Purdue, serves as an outreach program and organizational platform for developing leadership potential through planned fundraising and community events.

Semper Fortis Society (NROTC Midshipmen)

Welcome to the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) and the Naval Science Department of Purdue University! Challenges await you in the NROTC program. We are committed to providing the very best qualified officers for service in the United States