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Mack Phi (ΜΦ)

Organization dedicated to improvement and awareness of mental health on college campuses.

Maclure Cooperative (Maclure)

Maclure Cooperative serves as a home for young ladies of all different backgrounds. We are a close-knit group that focuses on the academic as well as social development here at Purdue University.

Malaysian Students Association (PUMSA)

The Purdue University Malaysian Students Association is an organization that provides a home away from home for fellow prospective Malaysian students as well as to promote the unique culture of Malaysia to the greater Purdue and Lafayette community.

Management Information Systems Association (MISA)

The Management Information Systems Association is a support organization for Purdue undergraduate and graduate students interested in the MIS field. Our goals are to increase student exposure to companies and allow students to network with each other.

Management Volunteer Program (MVP)

Management Volunteer Program (MVP) provides Krannert Master’s students with opportunities to act as servant leaders through volunteer events held on Purdue’s campus and within the Greater Lafayette community.

Marine Biology Club (MBC)

Provide students with a group of like minded students who love marine biology in a landlocked state.

Marketing (PCC-Marketing)

The PCC Marketing Team consists of Cooperative Members who strive to promote their organization, boost cooperative membership, and encouraging Cooperative pride. Members must complete three to five marketing activities to be recognized; such as

Materials Science and Engineering Graduate Student Organization (MSE GSA)

The Materials Science and Engineering Graduate School Association (MSEGSA) is a group of materials science graduate students dedicated to promoting and improving the academic, social and professional well-being of the graduate students in Purdue MSE.

Mathematics Education Club (Math Ed Club)

The Purdue Mathematics Education Club is an organization that is focused on assisting students interested in Math Education at Purdue. The club has monthly meetings. The PMEC organizes and runs the Purdue Math Field Day and participates in many other

Mechanical Contractors Association of Indiana (MCA)

Mission is to Promote, Expand, Unite Promote Interaction with Mechanical Contractors and students

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