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I Love Taiwan Club (ILTC)

I Love Taiwan Club (ILTC) is an organization for graduate students from Taiwan, while TSA is for undergraduate students. ILTC dedicates itself to help all members to know the environment at Purdue and build solid friendship.


Purdue's IEEE student organization is focused on both social and technical aspects. Some committees include extensive technical projects which give an excellent opportunity to apply engineering theory, as well as expose oneself to real-world situations.


iLEAD is a virtual learning community for first-year international undergraduate students. Attendance at the iLEAD International Student Leadership Conference is required for membership.

Impulse at Purdue Planning Committee (Impulse)

The purpose of this organization is to establish a yearly student led technical conference that will allow students extracurricular enrichment opportunities, with the goal being the generation of increased interest in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Independent Game Developers Club (IGDC/Indie Game Dev Club)

Join us to get started on video game development! :D You get to work on your own project in an open, beginner-friendly environment with mentors. We'll guide you through the process of transforming your ideas into real games. We also host game jams.

Indian Classical Music Association (ICMAP)

ICMAP is a cultural organization, that aims to promote Indian Classical Music here at Purdue. With several connoisseurs of classical music present on campus, we serve to encourage musical talent on campus, and bring some of the best musicians from India

Indian Graduate Students at Purdue (IGraSP)

Organization of Indian Graduate students at Purdue University, who meet for cultural events, social gatherings and help new incoming students' orientation.

Indiana Association of Agricultural Educators (IAAE-Purdue)

The Indiana Associatoin of Agricultural Educators-Purdue chapter is an organization based on the development of future Agriscience and Agribusiness teachers. Our goals are to strive a sense of community within the Agricultural Education student body.

Indiana Association of Family and Consumer Sciences at Purdue (INAFCS at Purdue)

An organization for those interested in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences to network and socialize with one another.

Indiana Farm Bureau Collegiate Chapter at Purdue (Collegiate Farm Bureau)

Indiana Farm Bureau seeks to be an effective advocate for farmers and through it's policies and programs, promote agriculture and improve the economic and social welfare of member families.

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