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3D Printing Club (3DPC)

3DPC aims to promote and teach Purdue students about the concepts and practices of a new manufacturing process called three-dimensional printing. This club will offer, to all students, education and a hands on experience with this technology.

AcaBellas (Bellas)

Debuting in the Spring of 2017, Acabellas is Purdue University's first diverse all-female A Capella team. Covering songs ranging from the blues to contemporary pop, AcaBellas bring a fresh new sound to campus. We promote leadership and development.

Acoustical Society of America, Purdue Chapter (ASA)

The Acoustical Society of America (ASA) is a world-renowned scientific society in acoustics, dedicated to increasing and diffusing knowledge of acoustics and its practical applications.

Ad Liberation (Ad Lib)

Ad Liberation is a long form improv comedy group based in the West Lafayette/Lafayette area. We host shows as well as open practices for anyone to try their hand at improv.

Airsoft Club (Purdue Airsoft Club)

The Purdue Airsoft Club is dedicated to promoting the sport of airsoft within the Purdue community and upholding values such as teamwork, integrity and fitness. Be sure to visit our website for more detailed information and events.

Alpha Eta Rho (AHP)

Alpha Eta Rho is a Professional Aviation Fraternity aimed at providing its members with a more enriched aviation experience, specifically by taking trips to various locations, bringing in speakers, and providing networking opportunities.

Amateur Radio Club (W9YB)

The Purdue Amateur Radio Club facilitates licensed two way communication amongst other licensed amateurs. For up to date information regarding what is going on in the club please visit

American Chemical Society, Student Affiliate (ACSSA)

Our organization has three major focuses: build friendships with fellow chemistry students, reach out to inspire enthusiasm for and understanding of chemistry in the community, develop professionally for successful careers in chemistry.

American Foundry Society (AFS)

The purpose of this club is to allow a relaxed social environment for its members to understand foundry work, explore new foundry methods, and gain contacts for future employment in industry.

American Sign Language Club (Sign Language Club)

The Purdue American Sign Language Club is a place where everybody is welcome to come and be a part of Sign Language. It does not matter if you have no prior knowledge or you are proficient at ASL. We want to have a place on campus that you can enjoy ASL.

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