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Halberdier Club (Tarkington) (Halberdier Club)

To create an environment encouraging academic achievement, a feeling of responsibility for Tarkington Hall and to provide opportunities; To ultimately to offer a challenge to achieve success as a truly representative body of men.

Health and Human Sciences Student Council (HHS Student Council)

The Health and Human Sciences Student Council is composed of 30-35 student leaders pursuing degrees from the College of Health and Human Sciences.

Health and Kinesiology Graduate Student Organization (HKGSO)

The HKGSO traditionally functions in several ways that ultimately work to promote peer interaction on a personal and professional level, as well as facilitate communication and interaction between faculty, staff, and the graduate student body.

Health and Kinesiology Majors Club (HK Majors Club)

Education and Training: To hold meetings and disseminate information; to prepare and issue newsletters; to engage speakers well qualified to give addresses before the club members; and to encourage training for the advancement of club members in

Health Education and Empowerment Advocacy Resource Team (HEART)

The Health Education and Empowerment Advocacy Resource Team (HEART) is dedicated to providing medical students at the Purdue campus with student-led opportunities for community outreach, patient education and advocacy for those in the Lafayette area.

Health Sciences Graduate Student Organization (HSGSO)

The HSGSO promotes social interaction between graduate students in the School of Health Sciences and advocate for the interests of these students.

Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul The Name Speaks for Itself There's nothing quite like a gospel choir. Purdue Musical Organizations spotlights the great gospel music heritage with its newest red-hot ensemble, Heart & Soul. Student vocalists and

Heifer International Purdue Chapter (Heifer International)

The mission of Purdue Heifer International Chapter is to work with communities local and globally to end hunger, poverty and to care for the earth through education, volunteer work and fundraising.

Hellenic Student Association (HSA)

Hellenic Student Association is an association afiliated with Purdue university. The main goal of this association is to unite Greek and Cypriot students and faculty members, provide help to new-comers and promote and inform about the Hellenic culture.

Helping Paws

Helping Paws is a Purdue University student organization dedicated to bettering the lives of animals in need. We raise animal awareness in the community. We do this by volunteering for many animal related causes and coordinating fundraiser's for animals

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