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Game Developers United (G.D.U.)

This club's main focus is to provide students who are interested in the development and production of an interactive video game (graphic art, modeling, programming, etc) are given a look into the pipeline and a chance to be involved in it.

Purdue Animation, Comic and Game Association (PACGA)

PACGA is a place for those who share the same interest in Culture of Anime/Comic/Game to immerse in, make friends, and improve personal skills.

Purdue Board Gamers United (PBGU)

This organization was founded to bring together students with the common interest of playing board games. We hold multiple meetings per week open to all.

Purdue University Gamers Group (PUGG)

Purdue University Gamers Group or what is more fondly known as PUGG was started in Fall 2000 to promote video gaming in general at Purdue University. Purdue University, located in West Lafayette, Indiana is one of the most well-renowned schools