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Early Atlantic Reading Group Conference Club (EARG CC)

EARG CC brings together a broad range of scholars studying 17th to 19th century British and American literature and culture. We promote graduate student participation in local and national professional conferences and host an annual symposium at Purdue.

Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Graduate Student Association (EAPS GSA)

The purpose of this organization is to improve the quality of life of the graduate students in the Department of EAPS at Purdue University by providing a forum for discussion of issues related to our roles as graduate students.

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)

Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) is a technical society promoting the research and practice of earthquake engineering. Professional EERI members include researchers, practicing professionals, educators, government officials, and building

Ecuadorians at Purdue University (EPU)

Association of Ecuadorian students at Purdue University.

Education Organizations Board (EOB)

This is an organization that is comprised of the presidents and vice presidents of all of the education organizations at Purdue.

Egyptian Student Association at Purdue (ESAP) (ESAP)

We are here to serve Egyptian students and also increase awareness about Egyptian culture, history and future plans. ESAP is a chapter of the ESANA.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Association (ECEGSA)

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Association (ECEGSA) aims to improve the quality of personal and professional life for ECE graduate students by providing discussion forums and holding educational and networking events.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Society (ECESS)

Provide ECE undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff a supportive community.

Elevate Campus Ministry (Elev8!)

We are a campus ministry dedicated to following God's word and living out our devotion to God. We believe in the need for deep spiritual relationships and fellowship, as well as an outward focus to help friends and neighbors learn about Christ.

Elim Korean Christian Fellowship (EKCF)

Korean Disciples of Christ is an in-depth Christian Fellowship that helps Korean students know God, grow in favor with God, and equips them to effectively serve God. Please contact us if you would like to join our weekly worship and Bible study.

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