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Purdue Metal Club (PMC)

The Purdue Metal Club is a friendly environment where students who listen to heavy metal can come together and discuss the various facets of metal.

Purdue Music Gaming Club (PMGC)

Love Rock Band, Dance Dance Revolution, or any other music game? So do we! The Purdue Music Gaming Club welcomes players of all skill levels to come play in a friendly, open environment with others who share a love for music games.

Purdue Raas (Raas)

Mission Statement: Guided by our relentless focus on representing the Indian dance of raas/garba, we strive to represent Purdue University with our professionalism, discipline, and perseverance. Objectives: · To

Purdue Tap Dance Club (PTDC)

The Purdue Tap Dance Club promotes, advances, and encourages tap dancing at Purdue University. We offer weekly classes and will hold workshops with instructors throughout the area.

Purdue West Coast Swing Dance Society (Purdue Westies)

Interested in learning how to social dance? West Coast Swing is a fun, modern, dance genre that evolved from lindy hop and incorporates lyrical and hip-hop moves. We dance to Top 40 hits, soul, R&B, blues, and more.

Salsa Dance Club

Do you want that fire? Come learn how to dance Salsa!   We are one of the largest and most active student groups at Purdue. We focus on Salsa dancing, but we dabble in Merengue, Cha Cha, and other Latin dances, and usually offer regular Bachata classes.

Tu Tango, Purdue Social Tango Club (Tu Tango)

We are a new dance organization that promotes traditional Argentine tango in a social dance setting to explore its traditions and intricate history. We emphasize on teaching techniques that focuses on creating a connection to the music and the dance.

Varsity Dance Team (Varsity)

The purpose of this organization is to promote, advance, and encourage the fine art of ballroom and Latin dancing choreography and formation team among the experienced and advanced dancers at Purdue University and the surrounding community.

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