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AfroRoyále Dance Troupe (ARDT)

The AfroRoyále Dance Troupe is a dance team that specializes in contemporary African music, also known as "afrobeats". The AfroRoyále Dance Troupe aims to bring people of all cultures and backgrounds together through dance.

Boiler Bhangra

We are Purdue University’s competitive Bhangra (dance) team and we have been dedicated to sharing our passion of Bhangra both locally and nationally since the spring of 2006.

Choreographer's Workshop

X Works Dance provides opportunities for students in the School of Visual and Performing Arts dance classes to perform choreography by guest artists and participate in a variety of performances on the Purdue Campus.

Contact Improvisation at Purdue

Contact Improvisation is a partner dance form based on the physical principles of touch, momentum, shared weight, and most quintessentially - following a shared point of contact.

Contemporary Dance Company (PCDC (Formerly PRDCo -Repertory Dance Co))

A contemporary modern dance company that presents biannual main stage performances staffed by the Dance Division Faculty Choreographers of the School of Visual and Performing Arts Dance Minor program. Dancers from all majors participate in performances.

Dance All Out Club (D.A.O)

Dance All Out Club is a student dance organization. It aims to spread hip hop and funk culture through providing training, performances and contests of beat box and street dances including popping, hip hop, jazz and breaking.

Dance2XS, Incorporated (Dance 2XS Purdue)

[ ::OUR MISSION:: ] Spread awareness in hip-hop dance culture and encourage people of any ethnicity, gender, school year, and background to dance on Purdue University's campus!


We are here to help promote the competitive sport of ballroom dancing!

Higher Ground Dance Company (HGDC)

Higher Ground is a student run and student choreographed dance company that puts on a show each semester to raise money for the Andrea Rizzo Foundation. We welcome all styles and levels of dancers!

Indian Classical Music Association (ICMAP)

ICMAP is a cultural organization, that aims to promote Indian Classical Music here at Purdue. With several connoisseurs of classical music present on campus, we serve to encourage musical talent on campus, and bring some of the best musicians from India

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