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Ann Tweedale (AT)

Ann Tweedale Cooperative is the largest womens cooperative house at Purdue University. Every year, the women of this house welcome new members in the spring. By mixing education with sisterhood, AT provides a positive atmosphere where women can learn

Circle Pines (CP)

Established in 1939, Circle Pines Cooperative is dedicated to producing successful students in a safe, productive environment. Circle Pines can be described as an extremely diverse collection of individuals that come together as one house in

Devonshire Cooperative (Devonshire)

Once merely the dream of seven aspiring women from Earhart Hall, Devonshire was established in 1997. Devonshire has an ideal location, at 1025 Sixth Street;less than a five minute walk to campus! The capacity of Devo is fifteen members, and we accept all


Fairway Cooperative, with Christ as its foundation, exists to unify a group of young men into brothers committed to sharing the gospel while focused on developing integrity, leadership, wisdom, holiness, and the edification of others.

Gemini Cooperative (Gemini)

Gemini is a merger between Club 25 and State House in 1972, and is built on three pillars of scholastics, athletics, and social life. Our house holds true to these pillars and has produced many exemplary members. Located just off of Chauncey


Glenwood Cooperative....A House Made A Home The thirty-four women of Glenwood study, work, and play together while building friendships and making memories that will last a lifetime. While we are transitioning into the

Purdue Cooperative Council (PCC)

The mission of Purdue's Cooperative Housing is to provide affordable student housing in a close-knit Family environment that fosters Trust among all houses and their members and also focuses on maintaining strong Academics and development of Life Skills.


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Shoemaker (Shoe)

The women of Shoemaker Cooperative strive on working together to create a place on campus to call home. As sisters, we depend on one another to positively influence each others' lives. The opportunity within our house builds character and increases

Stewart Cooperative (Stewart)

Stewart Cooperative is one of 12 cooperative houses on the Purdue campus and houses approximately 30 Christian women each year. Each member believes she is saved by grace and and has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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