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Aikido Club (Purdue University Aikido Club)

The Purdue University Aikido Club is a Purdue Recreational Sports Club dedicated to training in Aikido, a non-competitive Japanese martial art with an emphasis on self-defense techniques that utilize the energy of the attacker. The Purdue Aikido club

Badminton Club

The aim of the club is to bring together all levels of badminton players at Purdue University and in Greater Lafayette by offering a healthy environment for competitive badminton.

Club Sports

The Club Sports program operates under the Division of Recreation & Wellness at Purdue University. Club Sports recognizes 30 unique clubs who vary greatly in activity and competition level. Some of our clubs

Cricket Club

The official club for leather-ball cricket. We welcome all Purdue students, staff, and faculty from all nationalities and walks of life. Whether you are an experienced player, or just want to learn the game, we are the team to join. Purdue Cricket Club

Fencing Club/Team (Fencing Club)

The Purdue Fencing Club strives to provide its members with opportunities to; develop skills in fencing, sportsmanship, and athleticism, nurture competitive drive and a sense of camaraderie within the members, and promote our organization and

Gymnastics Club

The Purdue Gymnastics Club is a group of normal everyday students who, like yourself, want to stay active while at school. We practice during evening hours four times a week during the fall and spring semesters. We own and operate equipment for 4

Judo Club

Judo is a martial art created in Japan in 1882 by Jigoro Kano as a combination of techniques from many other arts. It is mainly focused on self balance and control of the opponent. Purdue Judo club welcomes any skill level, from beginner to competitors.

Karate Club

The Purdue Karate Club is dedicated to the practice of Okinawan Goju Ryu. Classes consist of roughly equal parts exercise, technique practice, kata (formal sets of movements), and sparring. Classes M/W 5:30-7pm - Room MP2, Sat. 5-6:30pm - Room MP6

Lacrosse Club (Men's) (Lacrosse (Men's))

The men's lacrosse team is a distinguished club at Purdue that has a history dating to the 1970s. Purdue Men's Lacrosse is a member of the GRLC, a conference in the MCLA. We are trying to improve upon our solid

Lacrosse Club (Women's) (Lacrosse (Women's))

Our goal as a team and a club is to promote women's lacrosse at Purdue as well as to work as a team to achieve success within our league and division. We play teams from all over the Midwest. The team's competitive season is in the spring, but

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