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C Richard Petticrew Forum (Speech and Debate Team)

The C. Richard Petticrew Forum is Purdue's competitive intercollegiate speech and debate team. Members participate in weekly practices, and regional/national competitions. The Forum is named after the late C. Richard Petticrew, the team's benefactor.

Caduceus Club

Campus Outreach (CO)

The purpose is provide opportunities for spiritual, character and leadership growth available to all on campus.

Cancer Prevention Internship Program (CPIP)

The Cancer Prevention Internship Program (CPIP) for Undergraduate and Graduate Students is a 12 month internship program which engages students in cutting edge research combining two or more disciplinary strengths in cancer.

Caribbean Students Association (CARIBSA)

Encourages and promotes cultural exchange and fosters social and intellectual interaction among Caribbean students.

Cary Club

Cary Club is the official student organization of Cary Quadrangle Residence Hall.

Catholic Truth League (CTL)

Through Purdue Catholic Truth League, we strive to expand our knowledge of the Catholic faith by learning from each other, living our faith together in prayer and service, and creating a sense of community in which to find friendship and support.

Cavalier Club (Harrison Club)

The student-run hall government is an organization devoted to providing social activities and representing the voice of the residents of Harrison Hall. The purpose of the Cavalier Club is to provide, maintain, and improve the most stable living

Center for Career Opportunities (CCO)

Whether you're a student or alumni seeking assistance with your career decision-making or job search; an employer searching for outstanding Purdue students and graduates to fill your positions; or another interested party seeking to learn about CCO!

CERIAS Student Association (CERIAS-SA)

The CERIAS Student Association is for graduate students and select undergraduate students who are affiliated with the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS).

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