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Amateur Radio Club (W9YB)

The Purdue Amateur Radio Club facilitates licensed two way communication amongst other licensed amateurs. For up to date information regarding what is going on in the club please visit

Boiler Productions (BP)

National Broadcasting Society is an organization open to full time students with an interest in media production. Students are able to create and compete with videos, graphic design, photography and other forms of electronic media.

Roundhouse Radio Broadcasting Group (Roundhouse)

Roundhouse Radio is a student-run station that provides a platform for students to create, record, and produce their own radio content and broadcast it to their peers.

WCCR Purdue Student Radio (WCCR Purdue)

Purdue's largest student run radio station. Broadcasting live 24/7 from the Cary Quad NW Basement. Planning and DJing events all over campus like Rock the Quad and BGR. Booking for WCCR Mobile DJ unit can be done by contacting to