Parent Organization: Recreational

The purpose of this organization shall be:

    A.  To promote fellowship among team members.

    B.  To promote excellence in western equestrian competition.

    C.  To develop team spirit and camaraderie among members of

          the organization.

    D.  To promote and become active in other horse related events and

         activities that lie within the interest of the organizationand are consistent with these bylaws.




Our club has several different aspects which allows us to do many different things througout the year.  Some of those include showing in the IHSA which consists of 10 shows a year plus qualifying shows.  You have the opportunity to take lessons out at our barn each semester.  These are only required if you plan on showing.  On the social side of things we host bon fires with the Rodeo Club in addition to doing others things together.  We put on a horse judging contest each spring and are looking to add a horsemanship clinic for the fall.  Each year we take a group trip to the Quarter Horse Congress and enjoy all of the shopping, horses, and food.  In the spring we have a booth at the Hoosier Horse Fair where we promote our club to any one interested.  At Spring Fest we also have a booth and a fundraiser for all of the local families.  Our club has members from all different levels of western equestrian knowledge from people who have never been on a horse to people who have shown at the world shows.  Whether you want to just participate in the solcial side of things, show team, or everything there's a place for everyone!

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