Indonesian Food Festival


When: Saturday, November 23 2013, 10:15 AM to 2:15 PM
Location: Neil Armstrong Hall Of Engineering #1103 and #1109
Category: Festival/Celebration

Indonesian Food Festival is created to promote and share authentic Indonesian cuisine to the Purdue University community. Unlike food from other Asian regions such as China or Thailand, Indonesian food is not very well know among the Americans as there are very few Indonesian restaurants in the United States. The common knowledge that Westerners have towards our food is that they are spicy and unique looking. Nonetheless, Indonesian food is not that different from that of Western food. The only difference is that our food is very rich with spices. The common spices used are nutmeg, clove, galangal, black pepper, turmeric, lemongrass, cinnamon, candlenut, and coriander. Thus, this is what Indonesia is well known for: our spices.

So by holding this food festival, we hope that the Purdue community can explore more about Indonesian culture through our food. And for Indonesian students here in Purdue University, we hope that this event will give a satisfaction for their longing of foods from home.