Parent Organization: Community Engagement & Service Learning

Individuals will be eligible if they are studying in, or are graduates of, institutions of higher education.  Students in academic programs who meet the institutional and program eligibility standards may be considered for membership.  Following are the standards that specifically apply to them: 
Students in Associate Degree Granting Institutions

Students enrolled in a program of studies in technology may be initiated into Epsilon Pi Tau upon completion of 30 semester hours or 45-quarter hours of credit in prescribed courses with a grade point average of 3.25 or higher. Students who achieve that grade point average at the end of subsequent terms, even upon graduation, may be initiated.  Members must maintain the grade point average through graduation or be removed from the active member roster.  

Students in Baccalaureate Degree Granting Institutions

Students majoring in an approved program or course sequence and have completed 30 semester or 45 quarter hours of credit and are identified in the upper 35% of undergraduates in the approved program(s) of the unit sponsoring a chapter.  In addition, the individual’s course record in the major technology program must show a grade point average of 3.25 or higher and at least 16 semesters or 24 quarter credit hours in the major must have been earned.  

Transfers with an Associate Degree

A student entering an articulated baccalaureate program at the junior level and who presents an approved associate degree in technology with a 3.25 or higher grade point average is an eligible candidate for membership in the sponsoring chapter at the baccalaureate institution.     


Other Transfer Students

A transfer student entering an approved technology baccalaureate program or course sequence from another baccalaureate program at least as a second semester or third quarter sophomore becomes eligible to be a candidate after being accepted into the major or sequence and completing one semester or one quarter with a 3.25 grade point average or better as a full-time student.  Transfer students entering at the same level but attending part-time may receive consideration after completing at least 9 semester hours or 12 quarter hours in the baccalaureate program.  

Graduate Students

A graduate student admitted to an approved advanced degree program may be considered after completing at least 9 semester hours or 12-quarter hours in the program with at least a 3.3 cumulative grade point average in courses prescribed for the degree.

Faculty, Professionals, and Supporters

Faculty and alumni of technology programs are also eligible for membership.  Additionally, benefactors of these programs and persons exhibiting a general interest and knowledge of technology in the context of Epsilon Pi Tau ideals and purposes are eligible for membership.

Advisors must be either full-time faculty or administrative/professional staff at Purdue University or otherwise approved by the Student Activities and Organizations Office. Individuals classified as graduate student staff are not eligible to be advisors to student organizations.

NOTE:  All Advisors must read and sign the Advisor Agreement Form.  At the end of this registration, you will be required to upload the signed Advisor Agreement Form.

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