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The Environmental Science Club is a student organization looking to increase the education, awareness, and community involvement of its members while fostering a positive social setting. In order to accomplish this vision, we will engage in three types of activities. The first is education based, consisting of lectures by professors on campus and discussions between members on crucial environmental concerns ranging from the community to a world scale. The second is a community-wide project, focusing on making Purdue a more environmentally friendly campus. The third type includes community service actions such as school education, Adopt-A-Highway, and other volunteering opportunities.


The best way to learn more about the club is to email the President, Ryan Schroeder, schroe44@purdue.edu, or our advisor Dr. John Graveel jgraveel@purdue.edu


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On Campus

Address Lily Rm 3-409
West Lafayette, IN 47906
United States
Phone Number P:(317) 509-6401