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Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) at Purdue University is committed to forging innovative, lasting solutions to local and global sustainability challenges. Our organization’s objectives are to stimulate and foster the growth of a more diverse and networked community of engineers, bring together and support students, faculty, and professionals of various disciplines to create lasting solutions with immediate impacts, and infuse sustainability-oriented design into the practice and studies of every engineer through projects, courses, and outreach. We welcome students and faculty from all disciplines to join us, and we encourage anyone with new project ideas to join our growing organization.

ESW- Purdue is currently working on four sustainable projects: a solar-powered kiosk to bring solar awareness to campus and to charge electronic devices, an automated power switch cell phone app that can turn on/off household lights and electronics, a reusable bag share program in partnership with the Environmental Science Club, and a rain garden to help with storm water runoff in the Lafayette community.   

As a Student Sustainability Council affiliated organization, we are dedicated to supporting the sustainability community at Purdue and the greater Lafayette community as a whole. ESW-Purdue partners with other Student Sustainability Council member organizations to bring speakers from across Indiana to lead discussions on sustainability challenges facing our community. Every year our members also support the community by volunteering through programs such as Purdue Winterization and the Wabash River Sampling Blitz.




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