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What is DBIA? 

“Integration is our Foundation”


DBIA will be the industry’s preeminent resource for leadership, education, objective expertise and best practices for the successful integrated delivery of capital projects.


DBIA promotes the value of design-build project delivery and teaches the effective integration of design and construction services to ensure success for owners and design and construction practitioners.


  • Excellence in integrated design-build project delivery, producing high value outcomes.
  • An environment of trust characterized by integrity and honest communication.
  • Mutual respect for and appreciation of diverse perspectives and ideas.
  • A commitment to innovation and creativity to drive quality, value and sustainability.
  • Professionalism, fairness and the highest level of ethical behavior.

The club's primary objective is to further students' understanding of the design-build project delivery method. Throughout the semester we invite guest speakers to discuss Design-Build topics such as project spotlights, BIM Integration, legal concerns in the construction industry, and general design build concepts. We also strive to use our respective skill sets to serve our local community through projects with Habitat for Humanity and Purdue University.

  Chapter Activities Include:

  • Host a variety of guest speakers, including Hunt, Shambaugh and Son Turner, Clayco, and Berglund Construction
  • Attend the DBIA National Conference in Orlando
  • Enter a team into the Associated Schools of Construction's student competition
  • Hold Associate DBIA Certification courses for students
  • Provide mentors for the BCMentors tutoring program
  • Participate in various community service projects
  • Host member socials, including a golf outing with industry partners
  • Form committees for further member involvement


For more information, visit www.dbia.org to learn more about the DBIA professional organization to which we are affiliated.


Advisors must be either full-time faculty or administrative/professional staff at Purdue University or otherwise approved by the Student Activities and Organizations Office. Individuals classified as graduate student staff are not eligible to be advisors to student organizations.

NOTE:  All Advisors must read and sign the Advisor Agreement Form.  At the end of this registration, you will be required to upload the signed Advisor Agreement Form.

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Address Hampton Hall, Room 1219 550 Stadium Mall Drive
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