Parent Organization: Agriculture


To unite and direct students and clubs in the College of Agriculture through providing educational enrichment and social interaction for all agricultural students and Purdue staff.

We are a student-run council, composed of 20 members from a variety of majors and backgrounds. But one thing that unites us is our passion for agriculture. 

As a council, we put on several different, college-wide events per year: 

*Fall Semester*
- In August, the Ice Cream Social is held
as students return to campus as a way to bring option clubs throughout the College of Agriculture together in attempts to promote the College and the opportunities that it holds for new and current students. Option clubs bring displays, call-out information, and toppings for the ice
cream students receive from Agriculture Council.

-The College of Agriculture Hog Roast is held annually to bring student together on the Agriculture Mall. For weeks before the event
students from each agriculture department raise funds to support one of their professors in the kiss a pig contest. All of the funds raised are
donated to a chosen charity and the winning professor kisses a big at the event. Agriculture Council serves pulled pork sandwiches and s'mores while students enjoy a bonfire, music, and other activities!

-Each year the Purdue Agricultural Council hosts a t-shirt design contest for option clubs in the college. Option clubs submit t-shirt designs highlighting agriculture and opportunities that the industry offers. Agriculture Council then sorts through the designs and selects on that they feel best represents the work that students throughout the college complete. The shirts are unveiled annually at the Hog Roast.

*Spring Semester*
- The Hot Chocolate Social is held as students return to campus in January in attempts to promote opportunities for involvement throughout the College. The clubs bring toppings to add to your hot chocolate that Agriculture Council provides and the clubs also bring displays and
information on their upcoming events.

- Ag Council partners with the leadership staff in the College of Agriculture as well as industry partners to put on an event for student leaders throughout the college. Dinner is served and leadership activities are presented to students by various speakers and leaders. This is a premier event that ignites excitement throughout leadership teams college wide.

--Spring Fest is a University Wide event that Agriculture Council becomes involved with through the presentation of an educational booth. Agriculture Council sells walking tacos to visitors on campus in attempts to promote agriculture and raise funds to support their Moonlight Pancake Breakfast.

-At the Spring Awards Banquet, members of Agriculture Council work together to award exceptional students in the College of Agriculture for their hard work and dedication to the college and their academic careers. Agriculture Council Top Option Club and Scrapbook Awards are presented.

-The Moonlight Pancake Breakfast is hosted during Grand Prix Week and is part of the Grand Alternative Program; students come from across campus throughout the late hours of the evening and the early morning hours to eat up some of the finest flapjacks around! Each year thousands of pancakes are served.

If you are interested in learning more about Ag Council and its events, feel free to contact any of our officers!


Advisors must be either full-time faculty or administrative/professional staff at Purdue University or otherwise approved by the Student Activities and Organizations Office. Individuals classified as graduate student staff are not eligible to be advisors to student organizations.

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