Parent Organization: Community Service

Our Purpose: To encourage the development of meaningful relationships between the students of Purdue University and the residents of retirement communities (i.e. Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Nursing Homes, etc.)  in the West Lafayette and/or Lafayette community.


We partner students with elderly individuals in the community for them to have regular visits with the elderly individuals.  We also host socials where the whole Adopt-A-Grandparent club has the opportunity to visit as a group to assisted living homes. Other activities include assisting our "Grandparents" with everyday household chores, visiting them, or just calling to talk and check up on them.


We have socials at different retirement villages during the course of the semester to meet some grandparents and then pair up our members with a grandparent for them to go and visit. We have Euchre Night every Friday @ 7pm at Westminster Village and have around two socials a month planned for Fall 2013. Also, our club has a monthly meeting the first Wednesday of every month at 6pm in Beering 1268!


We also offer opportunities for our members to participate in a volunteer organization called Caregiver Companion which pairs up volunteers with individuals in the community who might need some extra help.


Our dues are $5 per semester and $8 per year. 



Check out our website at:

We will have upcoming events posted on the website.


We hope you consider Adopt-A-Grandparent as a club with which to participate!


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Catherine M. Heinz

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