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Purdue Association of Leaders (PAL) is a student run organization dedicated to honoring a student’s leadership and professional skills. PAL is open to all students looking to enhance their supervision abilities, with most of its members belonging to Organizational Leadership and Supervision (OLS) majors and minors.



Our mission as a student organization is dedicated to empowering students with the skills necessary to succeed in business and in life. Through social, professional and academic means we intend to turn a good student into a great leader. 



                                        Pillars of Success

We are committed to achieving our mission through 5 pillars that focus on improving students leadership credentials while strengthening Purdue Association of Leaders for years to come continuing to benefit students at Purdue.  Purdue Association of Leaders stands by these pillars providing the building blocks for stability within its organization



In the business world, norms governed by its members are of high quality and standards.  Purdue Association of Leaders sponsors and organizes events run by its members and by professionals for the importance of abiding by these standards while receiving advice, tips and information about the business world.


Community Service

No business or organization can survive without the community of which it is a part.  Purdue Association of Leaders recognizes these needs and organizes community service events to help give something back to the community.  Through planning and execution of these events, members will learn when to lead and when to follow.



The raising of funds is essential for any organization and Purdue Association of Leaders is no different.  While producing a revenue stream for Purdue Association of Leaders, fundraising is essential for members to learn the aspects of prospecting and understanding ways to create income while working with people and knowing how to sell.



Purdue Association of Leaders arranges social events during the semester to help acquaint the members with each other, providing valuable networking contacts through present and future Purdue Association of Leaders graduates, Organization, Leadership, and Supervision graduates, Purdue graduates, and other professionals in the professional field.



Purdue Association of Leaders events need attendees in order for them to be worthwhile.  Marketing is needed and used to inform current and future Purdue Association of Leaders members, fellow students, and people within the Purdue community about upcoming activities.

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