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Posted by Shih-Ping Kuo, Yesplus at Purdue, May 26, 2015
5/26/2015 6pm Tue Purdue Graduate Student Center
Posted by Julie Roahrig, Veterinary Technology Student Association, May 22, 2015
Commencement and Oath Ceremony May 17, 2015.
Posted by Shih-Ping Kuo, Yesplus at Purdue, May 21, 2015
Free relaxation, meditation & social event 5/21/2015 Thur 6pm-7:30pm BRNG 1268
Posted by Antonette Cummings, Christian Students at Purdue, May 20, 2015
We're hosting our meetings in the summer Friday nights!
Posted by Austin Boggess, American Society for Healthcare Engineering, May 17, 2015
Fall Student Organization Callout in MSEE B012, September 10th at 6:30.